About Us

Our inspiration is you, the independent practitioner!

Uppercut is here to make your practice succeed and work for you, your community, and your life.

Need staff training that is accessible for your employees, and effective and easy for you or your office manager to monitor? Well, we've developed just that.

Is your office environment less than supportive and cohesive? For seventeen years we've been perfecting the building blocks to create a positive and trusting office culture that will make your employees want to spend more time at work.

Do you have empty chair times? We've created a step-by-step process to help you fill chairs and pour thousands of dollars back into your practice.

Our company has blossomed from the ideas of two independent optometrists who are willing to give their all to you, their fellow practitioners-to help you grow, provide opportunities that have never crossed your paths before, and to handle negotiations to provide you with the best possible deals with vendors in your field.